Watchmen 2?!

Is DC moving to produce a sequel to what may be the most revered comic book of all time?

This reporter could try to put into words how Watchmen, by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, was a revolutionary comic book that both examined the superhero concept as a whole, and even spawned an entire era of grim and gritty, deconstructionist comic books (much to the chagrin of Alan Moore himself). However, Watchmen really needs no introduction – it is well regarded as possibly the greatest work in comic book history. This reporter might also add that it is just about perfect, from beginning to end, as far as legendary twelve issue comic book limited series go.

So why on Earth would Dan Didio, Editor in Chief of DC Comics, want to produce a sequel that will be widely regarded by fanboys as outright treason?

The answer may be to impress his new bosses, or it may be because Paul Levitz, the former Publisher of DC who was dead set against the idea, is no longer in power. Whatever the reason, this is one of those ideas that most people would consider impossible. It is the sort of thing that people might use as an example when joking about horrible exploitations of legendary works. Nobody would believe it could actually happen.

Well, according to Rich Johnston over at Bleeding Cool, this is EXACTLY what Dan Didio wants to do. With good reason, we suppose. After all, it will sell like crazy. It will be hugely successful for DC. It might even produce some good stories.

It will still, in this reporter’s opinion, be the worst thing to ever happen in the history of comics.

And Alan Moore will be livid. Hey, I guess there is an upside.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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Posted originally: 2010-02-03 22:18:21

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