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Here are this week’s top Trending/Speculative Comics out this Wednesday 12-20-23.
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Marvel Tales ROM And The X-Men #1 – Way back in the early 80’s the comic book world was on fire with a Marvel comic based off of an action figure toy. Its Mattel name was ROM. The premiere issue was going for a premium at that time. A whopping $8 to 10 dollars. That was a bloated price for a back issue back then. A collector had to seriously contemplate whether it was a solid spec book or not. Most thought it was. That first issue featured a Steve Ditko cover too. Crazy to look back on it all now. The series was firing on all cylinders until ROM #17 came out. Holy crap, the X-Men in a ROM comic?! No way! Yes way. Before anyone knew it, this issue was more expensive and in demand than the number one issue. The first appearance of Hybrid and it was a Frank Miller cover too? Sheesh, this was comic collector heaven. The fun continued into the next issue, ROM #18. This two-part story became the main foundation of this comic series at the time. Then came ROM #31 and ROM #32. The second appearance of Rouge in 31 and 32 is billed as an “early appearance of Rouge”. As a collector, there are only five comics to truly care about in this entire 75-issue run; numbers 1, 17, 18, 31, and 32. Now, this Wednesday, for $7.99 you can get all of the “ROM and X-Men” tales in one volume. The price tag is cheap as compared to the CGC Signature series 9.8 (Fran Miller sig), which sold for $350 a couple of months ago. The raw copies of all of the mentioned comics can be purchased at super low prices if shopping and bartering correctly. For about $40 above the asking price of this week’s special ROM book, you probably can own decent copies of all of the aforementioned comics. Marvel dresses up the new comic this week and we’re quite sure there will be a couple of nice surprises on the inside here too.
Star Wars Revelations #1 – Star Wars fans and collectors should be all over this. This one-shot comic sets the stage for future Star Wars comics and will also lead to an unannounced Star Wars comic. Marvel promises first appearances in this book. Could it be a BIG first appearance(s) that’ll turn the aftermarket on its proverbial head? Maybe not right away, but later? Yes we, without a doubt, recommend picking this comic up. And Marc Guggenheim’s writing and Salvador Larroca’s penciling, this has upside potential. Do not miss this.  
Uncanny Avengers #5 – The character known as Captain Krakoa is unmasked. 
Animal Pound #1 – New from Boom Studios. Animals are tired of being caged and abused, so they band together to take out the humans and make their own democracy with a constitution and all. Think Planet Of The Apes, but not. Writer Tom King and artist Peter Gross. Should be a page-turner.  
Spider-Boy #2 – The early life of Spider-Boy sets out in its second issue. If you think this new character will be around for a while, you should be all in now, for real. If not, maybe you should get it anyway. 
The Original X-Men #1The original X-Men are back! Writer Christos N. Gage and artist Greg Land.

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Amazing Spider-Man #40Spidey assembled a new team in the previous issue. Gang War continues…..with a shocking last page.
Titans Beast World Tour – Central City #1 – We’ve explained over the last couple of weeks regarding this DC event. There will be an abundance of “new characters” popping up in the entire story. By new characters, we mean characters that we know and love as “animal” characters. Like Batman was introduced in Titans Beast World #2 as Bat-Wolf. (Pictured in this article).  
Daredevil Black Armor #2 – The original Daredevil in the black story from D.G. Chichester continues its new untold story this week. Fans love the black suit. For good reason, it’s bad ass. 
The Agent #1 – An Ablaze publishing release. Witchcraft meets agency story. 
Borealis #1 – New supernatural thrill story from Dark Horse Comics. Writers Mark Verheiden and Aaron Douglas. Artist Cliff Richards. 
Harley Quinn Black, White & Redder #6 – The final issue of this awesome series.

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