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Jackpot #1Mary Jane became a superhero in FCBD Amazing Spider-Man back in 2007. That’s a little bit ago, not that long ago, but Marvel did have high expectations that never truly panned out for MJ. They tried to push this character like they have with say, Hallows Eve. This is a fantastic comparison. Comic collectors are simply “meh” while Marvel is gung-ho. This happens a lot and these comics are a fraction of the bigger picture about their love for a character that isn’t…..lovable. They lack a back story and substance. Let’s be honest here, this isn’t Frank Miller or even Claremont’s X-Men we’re talking about here. Those writers were masterful and prolific in bring characters to life as never done before. This isn’t to say that writers today do not possess that talent, but the right place and right time does count too. The scene today is not ready or simply does not want to engage with the Punchline (DC) or Squirrel Girl (Marvel… remember that first appearance going bonkers for a while? If you stuck with us back then, you weren’t caught in that nonsense) characters in the comic book collecting world. There is simply zero validity for any value within these characters or many of the new ones being forced into number-one issues, like Jackpot. Is this her first solo book ever? Yes, yes it is. That’s meaningful in some way, but let’s hope writer Celeste Bronfman (artist Joey Vazquez) can add to the character’s soul a bit so we can move on from the dismal/mediocre level to the next level. Otherwise, Jackpot will never hit her stride. Forever being stuck in that constant circle of mundane. Let’s go Jackpot/MJ! We’re holding out hope……..      
Avengers Twilight #1 – Writer Chip Zdarsky promises to introduce new characters throughout this six-issue series. Daniel Acuna will pencil in the series. Look for a new Captain America costume on the debut issue cover. Chip says this story will take readers into the dark future. It’ll include a future look at various characters as well. Hence the new Cap outfit. We like some of the previews and promotional talk thus far and are very much looking forward to this series.       
Cable #1 – Way back in 1986, writers Chris Claremont and Rick Leonardi created the Cable infant. They never thought in a million years their creation would grow up four years later from writer Louise Simonson and co-writer/artist Rob Liefeld to become BIG Cable. Ever since the success of this character, it’s become a constant chase to hit the same pace as yesteryear for Cable. To no avail, it’s been blah. Nothing substantially new or groundbreaking for him. Yes, writers have tried to make big storylines and big splashes, but nothing worth noting. No one cares. Most readers and collectors will stick with their Rob Liefeld/Jim Lee/90’s X-Men cartoons and that’s it. Let’s see what co-creator of Deadpool, writer Fabian Nicieza will bring to the table this week. Art by Scot Eaton.   
Cobra Commander #1 – An Image Comics mini-series. Let’s call this series either an origin story or Cobra Commander Year One. Either one, no matter, we’re here for this. Writer Joshua Williamson, artists Annalisa Leoni and Andrea Milana. 

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Superman #10 – Cowboy Superman?! Yep. This isn’t the first appearance of Supes wearing spurs (is he wearing spurs? We don’t think so, but that would be funnier). The first modern appearance of Cowboy Superman AND Batman was in Batman/Superman #19 (2021). How about dem cowboys?! 
Daredevil #5 – A first appearance of a new villain. 
Two more Hasbro/ROM variant covers this week to check out; Guardians Of The Galaxy #10 and Invincible Iron Man #14.
John Constantine Hellblazer – Dead In America #1 – New John Constantine series from writer Simon Spurrier and artist Aaron Campbell.

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