Welcome to 1968… and the End of the World!

Kidwell, Jones and Fotos invite you to forget what you "think" you know about 1968…

Berkeley, CA – 29 April 2010 – After February 13th, 1968, everything changed. The Beatles did not soar to Billboard’s #1 spot with "HEY JUDE." Steve McQueen would not lay claim to the greatest car chase in cinema history with BULLITT. McDonald’s would never offer a Big Mac, and hundreds of thousands of children who dreamt of reaching the stars would never get any closer to a space capsule than a glass of Tang. And amid the deadly steaming jungles of Vietnam, the violent clash of democracy against the creeping threat of communism stalls as the war-torn People’s Republic gives up its hungry dead.

The zombies are back in the razor wire…

Mark Kidwell, Nat Jones and Jay Fotos, creators of the cult hit one-shot comic ’68, announce the continuation of their horrific Vietnam/Zombie epic. The ’68 miniseries picks up right where the original tale left off and broadens its scope, encompassing not only the gore-soaked horrors of the war in the east, but fixing a bloodshot eye on the politically torn USA as the dead rise, heralding the apocalypse and devouring anything with a pulse.

"Nat, Jay and I have wanted to expand on the story in ’68 for years," Kidwell shares, "but other commitments and projects just kept getting in the way. All the roadblocks are down now, and we’re revving full-tilt boogie back into the jungle."

"This is what we do," Jones explains. "We are Horror guys, and jumping back into the world of ’68 really gets our creative juices going! We have a lot more story to tell and more importantly, we are having a lot of grisly fun with it!"

On top of all of the ’68 zombie action, the new series will also feature a bloody backup story! These 4-5 page side stories tie directly into the main plot line, fleshing out the violent world of ’68. Illustrated by Tim Vigil (FAUST, BUMP), expect some dark business in these bonus pages.

"How cool is that!" Fotos exclaims. "Having Vigil come in to draw zombie filled stories for every issue! I’m so amped to get these books out!"

’68 #1 (of 4), a full-color 32-page comic book, will be available from Image Comics in Fall/Winter 2010.

To celebrate the continuation of ’68, Kidwell, Jones and Fotos will be attending the 2010 Phoenix Comicon, May 27-30, 2010. The creators are proud to present an exclusive, limited edition print — a gruesome, full-color 11" x 17" depiction of Napalm Charlie — signed by Kidwell, Jones and Fotos. Find out more at www.phoenixcomicon.com.

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