Whilce Portacio returns to X-Men for a full arc.

The classic X-artist returned for #522, but in July, he’s back for a whole story arc.

Before he left to help form Image, Whilce Portacio was most famous for working on the Uncanny X-Men in the early 90s. He returned last month for Uncanny #522, an issue which featured the return of Kitty Pryde, but that was just a taster of what’s to come. In July, Portacio comes on board for a full story-arc. CBR have an interview with him.

I’ve only seen the front end of this story so far, and that lead up promises a strong Scott and therefore a proactive team and story. I remember reading the first script the first time through and putting down the plot as though I had just read a great sci-fi novel. To me, that is a promise of big things to solve and overcome, with a heavy sense of emotional consequences in tow, which I think has always been a hallmark of a good "Uncanny" book. That emotional sense that it means something to these characters the situations they have to survive through.

I love drawing epic and fantastic situations, and also now more emotional scenes, Matt has a great grasp of both these worlds. I am constantly amazed with how he can handle so many characters with each of his plots. I myself would waste so much time just trying to figure out which character of this current cast of thousands would be just right for any particular scene. Also, you can sense in his plots that he actually visually "sees" his words, so to speak. That, I think, is the best skill set a writer can achieve; the ability to "see" how much "space" his words need to breathe in the visual world. I never feel constricted for space to properly "show" his words visually.

Sounds good, I just hope this doesn’t delay Image United any further, that book is my guiltiest of guilty pleasures.

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