Who will DIE in Smallville’s Season Finale?!

Reports are in that a major character will kick the bucket in the finale of the WB superhero drama’s ninth season.

According to Michael Ausiello, a gossip columnist at Entertainment Weekly, one major Smallville cast member will die in the season finale to season nine, which airs on May 14th. With the death of major character Jimmy Olsen last season, no one, with the exception of Clark Kent himself, can be considered safe. However, Ausiello claims that it will be one of the following characters:

* Lois: Okay, Clark and Lois are safe. But everyone else is fair game.

* Chloe: Allison Mack doesn’t have a contract for next season yet. Just putting that out there. Also, can you think of a more compelling hook to season 10 than Clark attempting to avenge the death of his BFF — a character who just so happens to live outside the jurisdiction of DC Comics’ mythos police?

* Lana: Rumor has it Kristin Kreuk was spotted on the Smallville set this week. Rumor also has it I fabricated the above rumor just to make trouble. Finally, there’s a rumor going around that one of the previous two rumors is 100 percent true. All joking aside, rumor has it KK is currently in Vancouver. Or is she? I’ve said too much!

* Perry: His return later this season is top-secret… so top-secret it makes one wonder.

* Martha: Her return later this season is top-secret… so top-secret it makes one wonder.

* Oliver: Green Arrow is a DC Comics property, but so was Jimmy Olsen. Death by loophole, perhaps?

* Tess: With Michael Rosenbaum attached to a new series, the odds of him returning as Lex have never been smaller. What does that mean for his placeholder? I imagine only bad things.

* Zod: He’s this season’s Big Bad. And by my calculations, this season is almost up.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

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