Will Ed Norton Return for Hulk Sequel?

Ed Norton seems to be lightening up in his opinion of a return to his role as The Hulk and working with Marvel in the future.

A few weeks ago, we reported on Ed Norton’s denial of a cameo in Iron Man 2. At the same time, we noticed Norton’s responses to questions of a future role in Marvel movies like The Avengers were "no comment." Now, Norton has said, in an interview with MTV News , that returning for another Hulk movie is simply a matter of working it into his schedule, which seems promising compared to the animosity that seemed to exist right after the film, with Norton unhappy about Marvel’s handling of the final cut.

In addition, Norton said that he liked the idea of the Hulk being the force to bring the Avengers together in the Avengers movie, and had this to say regarding the Marvel Movieverse in general:

"The thing about their universe that’s fun is that it all
cross-pollinates. Even when I was working on the
‘Incredible Hulk’ script, I tried to plug in the whole super-soldier
serum thing from Captain America."

Watch the full video here:

Source: MTV News

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Posted originally: 2009-09-28 16:22:41

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