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The InvestComics Wristband Contest At New York Comic Con 2015. #InvestComicsNYCC

Buy a $1 wristband (Below), wear it at the NYCC 2015, find a member of the InvestComics team and you will get to select a graded comic for you to keep.

This October (8th-11th) at the Javits Center in New York, InvestComics fans will seek out a member of the InvestComics team at the New York Comic Con 2015 (wearing their black wristband) in the greatest (and FIRST) comic book website manhunt ever; to win a graded comic book of their choice! Each day of the show will give fans 4 different days to win. Which means one wrist band equals four chances to win. The graded comics are listed below and are yours for the taking, but you’ll have to find us first amidst the drones of NYCC fans walking around!

Select One Of These Four

Amazing Spider-Man #11 (2015) Signed by Dan Slott. Graded by 9.2. Marvel Animation Variant.

Spawn #16 (1993) Signed by Greg Capullo. Graded 8.5 by.

George Perez’s Sirens #1 (2014) Signed by George Perez and April Hunter. Graded by 9.6.

Outcast #1 (2014) Graded by 9.6

Here’s how you participate: You can purchase your black wristband at the website for $1 each (plus shipping) AND at NYCC, more on that in a bit. Fans can purchase more than one wristband if they’d like. It doesn’t mean if you wear more bands you may find us better, it means you purchase more bands and give them to your friends to seek us out too! Wristbands will also be available at the NYCC for purchase for $1 each. InvestComics has partnered up with a few booths (maybe more, we’ll announce) at the show to carry the wristbands. They will be limited, so get there quickly if you need to purchase any. The booths will be; Comicxposure, Creature Entertainment, Cosmic Times, and Royal Collectables. Walk up to any of these booths and ask to buy a wristband for the InvestComics Manhunt Contest.

***The Comicxposure team says that if a fan purchases an InvestComics wristband at their booth, you will get $5 off any variant!

How to play: The InvestComics team will be at the show all four days; Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Each day the Manhunt will begin at a different time. The coverage space equals anywhere INSIDE the NYCC.

Thursday October 8th: 4:00 PM (35 minutes to find us)

Friday October 9th: 5:00 PM (35 minutes to find us)

Saturday October 10th: 5:00 PM (35 minutes to find us)

Sunday October 11th: 4:00 PM (35 minutes to find us)

Once the clock strikes the particular time, the manhunt to find an InvestComics team member will begin. Each member will be wearing an official InvestComics t-shirt (like the one pictured below). Once a contestant finds a member, show us you are wearing your wristband, we will record the exact time (stop watches set together) and head back to base. We will call ahead to see if any other members are on the way back. If so, we will compare times to see who officially won the right to select their graded comic.

IC Crew
L-R Stan Lee, Jay Katz, Rafael Rosario, Greg Capullo, Taylor







As each Graded comic goes off the board we will send an alert via Social Media as to who won (The winners picture of course) and what comic they selected.

The Rules: As with every contest there must be rules.

  1. If you are caught trailing(following) us before the bell sounds on a particular day, you will be automatically disqualified and ineligible to participate in the contest on any given day(s) left.
  2. Once you choose a graded comic, your picture will be taken and blasted via social media. You cannot under any circumstance change your mind and want a different comic thereafter.
  3. You cannot win more than once. If you bought a band for a friend and they find us, then they get a picture and they can do with the graded comic as they wish (give it to you).
  4. The contest takes place ONLY inside the NYCC. Meaning if the time starts and you find an InvestComics team member outside the boundaries of the NYCC you cannot claim your prize.
  5. A claimant cannot claim their prize inside the press area or right outside of it.
  6. If a graded comic goes unclaimed, it will remain in the mix for a person to choose in the next phase (day). A person will not have an option of taking two comics.
  7. No affiliate or team member of InvestComics is eligible in this contest. This includes any involvement of parties in this contest.

*InvestComics reserves the right to alter the contest in any way from now until the dates of the actual show.

*We reserve the right to cancel the contest at any given time in which each participate will be refunded their monies spent in the contest.

*Cosmic Times, Comicxposure, Creature Entertainment, and Royal Collectables will possess absolutely no graded comics in this contest at their booths. They do not have any involvement/affiliation with InvestComics and nor are they responsible whatsoever of anything pertaining to the contest. Their main and only priority is to provide an outlet to purchase an wristband. Any person(s) giving any sort of grievance to any of these companies of any kind will be automatically disqualified.

Visit Creature Entertainment right HERE. Their Facebook page right HERE.

Visit Cosmic Times right HERE. Their Facebook page HERE. PalmCon HERE.

Visit Comicxposure right HERE. Their Facebook page HERE.

Visit Royal Collectables HERE. Their Facebook page HERE.

InvestComics Wristband #InvestComicsNYCC

No International shipping available. If you are coming to NYCC 2015 from outside the states, you can purchase your band at one of the selected booths at the show.


1-10 bands – Standard $3.30 postal shipping.

11-20 bands – Standard $3.50 postal shipping


[nicepaypallite name=”InvestComics Wristband” amount=”1.00″ shipping=”3.30″ quantity=”1″]1 Band

[nicepaypallite name=”InvestComics Wristband” amount=”1.00″ shipping=”3.30″ quantity=”2″]2 Bands

[nicepaypallite name=”InvestComics Wristband” amount=”1.00″ shipping=”3.30″ quantity=”3″]3 Bands

[nicepaypallite name=”InvestComics Wristband” amount=”1.00″ shipping=”3.30″ quantity=”4″]4 Bands

[nicepaypallite name=”InvestComics Wristband” amount=”1.00″ shipping=”3.30″ quantity=”5″]5 Bands

[nicepaypallite name=”InvestComics Wristband” amount=”1.00″ shipping=”3.30″ quantity=”6″]6 Bands

[nicepaypallite name=”InvestComics Wristband” amount=”1.00″ shipping=”3.30″ quantity=”7″]7 Bands

[nicepaypallite name=”InvestComics Wristband” amount=”1.00″ shipping=”3.30″ quantity=”8″]8 Bands

[nicepaypallite name=”InvestComics Wristband” amount=”1.00″ shipping=”3.30″ quantity=”9″]9 Bands

[nicepaypallite name=”InvestComics Wristband” amount=”1.00″ shipping=”3.30″ quantity=”10″]10 Bands

[nicepaypallite name=”InvestComics Wristband” amount=”1.00″ shipping=”3.50″ quantity=”11″]11 Bands

[nicepaypallite name=”InvestComics Wristband” amount=”1.00″ shipping=”3.50″ quantity=”12″]12 Bands

[nicepaypallite name=”InvestComics Wristband” amount=”1.00″ shipping=”3.50″ quantity=”13″]13 Bands

[nicepaypallite name=”InvestComics Wristband” amount=”1.00″ shipping=”3.50″ quantity=”14″]14 Bands

[nicepaypallite name=”InvestComics Wristband” amount=”1.00″ shipping=”3.50″ quantity=”15″]15 Bands

[nicepaypallite name=”InvestComics Wristband” amount=”1.00″ shipping=”3.50″ quantity=”16″]16 Bands

[nicepaypallite name=”InvestComics Wristband” amount=”1.00″ shipping=”3.50″ quantity=”17″]17 Bands

[nicepaypallite name=”InvestComics Wristband” amount=”1.00″ shipping=”3.50″ quantity=”18″]18 Bands

[nicepaypallite name=”InvestComics Wristband” amount=”1.00″ shipping=”3.50″ quantity=”19″]19 Bands

[nicepaypallite name=”InvestComics Wristband” amount=”1.00″ shipping=”3.50″ quantity=”20″]20 Bands


Fine Print: If you have won a giveaway from InvestComics LLC within the last 6 months, you are not eligible in this giveaway. InvestComics LLC and the parent company within this giveaway is not responsible for any lost item(s) shipped after the giveaway is over. There will be no replacement item(s) shipped out once the product is in the sole possession of the delivery service of our choice.

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