Wonder Twins to Appear on Smallville

The seventies cartoon characters will be making a live-action appearance in CW’s teen drama based on the Superman mythos.

From MTV.com :

According to an unconfirmed report on KryptonSite,
"7th Heaven" star David Gallagher and "Warehouse 13" actress Allison
Scagliotti are joining "Smallville" this season as Zan and Jayna, a duo
of alien siblings that unlock transformative powers within one another
upon uttering the phrase, "Wonder Twin powers, activate!" The
characters will apparently show up in the fifth episode of
"Smallville’s" ninth season.

The characters were creted for the seventies Super Friends cartoon produced by Hanna Barbara, but were introduced into the DC Comics Universe in the nineties in the Extreme Justice series. Insert "Wonder Twin Powers Activate!" joke here.

Source: MTV

Posted originally: 2009-08-18 10:18:33

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