WWE Studio’s at New York Comic Con 2013

WWE Studios

InvestComics sits down with WWE stars Kane and Hornswoggle at the New York Comic Con. We also sat down with director’s and the President of WWE Studios……

WWE Studio’s will be releasing more films with their WWE Stars as the headliners. Make no mistake here, this is an absolutely brilliant move for the WWE brand. They have a bevy of characters at their disposal within their arsenal. Putting them front and center in movie roles as various characters other than the ones they play week in and week out on television and pay-per-view will prove to be a success. Two movies discussed on the video below are See No Evil, directed by Jen and Sylvia Soska (also seen on the video) and  Leprechaun: Origins directed by Zach Lipovsky (also seen on the video). The president of WWE Studio’s is also seen on the video.

Fun time had by all! And check out what Glenn “Kane” Jacobs thinks about the government shut down.

Remember, go see See No Evil 2 and  Leprechaun: Origins!!

[bliptv AYOXny8A.x?p]

Disclaimer: InvestComics does NOT own nor does it intend to profit from the music owned by Savatage “The Hall of the Mountain King” used in this video.

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