X-Factor NOT Canceled!

As expected, an announcement about the future of Peter David’s X-Factor appeared at the Toronto Fan Expo, and it’s good news.

Not only is X-Factor not canceled, but it will be returning to its original numbering with issue #200 in December. To coincide with the big event, the team will be returning to New York where they will be known as X-Factor investigations, coincidentally taking on the cases of the characters in the MArvel Universe, similarly to the way Matt Murdock used to coincidentally represented any Marvel Universe character who needed a lawyer.

The series will begin with Franklin Richards, son of Reed and Sue Richards, hiring the team. Writer Peter David also promises to wrap up the multiple storylines that have the various members of the team in seperate areas and even different timelines, reuniting the team again.

Now who really thought this book was canceled, anyway? Who told you that?

Source: Marvel
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Posted originally: 2009-08-30 14:02:40

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