You could be Mark Millar’s next collaborator

If you’re any good at art.

Kick-Ass has just wrapped up, and Nemesis is just around the corner, but Mark Millar already has an eye on his next creator-owned project, posting on his Millarworld message board, the Ultimates writer is looking for an unpublished artist to work with.

I’m not saying who this is for, but it’s creator-owned and I’m looking
for someone who hasn’t appeared at either Marvel or DC before. The more
unusual the better in the sense that I want something a little
different here.

I might be able to use a couple of people here and have pegged that
Curtis Tiegs dude as someone I really want to work with if he’s
amenable. More on this later, but if you’re anime, painterly,
non-sequential, cartoony or just a traditional superhero artist please
post a sample below. Fame and fortune awaits.

Sorry I can’t spill the beans on this yet, but you’ll understand when
you hear what I’m up to. This is a brand new project and I want to find
someone awesome that nobody’s ever seen before.


So, if you’re a budding artist, head over to Millar’s board and post a sample, who knows, fame and fortune could await.

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Posted originally: 2010-02-24 13:59:25

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