American Rock Star’s Son Rips Off Famous Manga/Anime?

The Anime/Manga community is in a buzz over the possible copyright infridgement of legendary rocker Gene Simmon’s son Nick and his comic about death gods called Incarnate being oh so similar to famous Japanese anime/manga, Bleach.

Yesterday, several internet sites (Game Faqs and Bleach Asylum) sounded off in posting how a published comic book by Nick Simmons called Incarnate shares way too many similarities bordering on plagiarism, primarly from the very popular anime/manga series Bleach.

Compare several of the pictures of both (the b&w ones being from Bleach, the colored Incarnate):




For more pictures comparing the two series and just how eeirly similar the art is, go here.

Viz Media, the company that distrubutes the manga in the United States has commented on the issue stating, "We’ve got our team on it." There has been no comment at all yet from Radical Publishing which publishes Simmon’s comic and has been around since the summer of 2009.

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Posted originally: 2010-02-24 22:22:58

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