Geek Nation Tours Still Has 4 Day Comic Con Passes

Geek Nation Tours still has 4 day memberships to the San Diego comic con. That’s right! You can still go even though the 4 day memberships are sold out…

Geek Nation Tour’s “Geeking Out at the San
Diego Comic Con” tour takes care of getting hotel space, grabbing the
correct air flights, and allows you to share the excitement with fellow
Geeks.  Not only that – we
will have a special dinner prior to the event that will prime you on “How
to Get the Best Out of Your Comic Convention”. Join us on our trip to the
Mecca of all comic book Geeks – the big San Diego Comic

This tour is offered both with or without
the air component so no matter where you are you can participate in the
convention the way you want to.

We still have those 4-day passes –
alas without “preview night” – included in our tour. Hurry to secure your
space  – we are selling out

As an added bonus all of our tours
include promotional draws that give the participants the opportunity to
win great prizes prior to and after departure.

Join the Geek Nation as we take in all the
goodness the comic con has to offer…

What is Geek Nation

Geek Nation Tours is a tour
company dedicated to the Geek in all his and her multifaceted interests.
It creates holidays by Geeks for Geeks. GNT’s goal is to provide tours for like
minded persons who, as
defined by Wikipedia, have “a devotion to something in a way that places
him or her outside the mainstream”.  We want to give people the
opportunity to revel in their Geekiness and to travel the globe seeking
those things that they love to do.

tours include Geeky conventions, tournaments and tours to places of
historical significance to the Geek. 
They will be joined by others just as interested in the tour, so
not only will they have a holiday but also the chance to develop long
lasting friendships.  Geek
Nation Tours will always provide a tour coordinator traveling with the
group to ensure everyone has
a fun, safe and worry free trip.

Geek Nation Tours offers a wide verity of Geeky
tours sure to tempt all Geeks. 
Everything from tours about comics, anime, miniatures, games and

Where can I get more information?

We can be
found at . The
full itinerary and more details can be found there.  Further if you have any questions
about Geek Nation Tours please contact us anytime at

Source: Press Release

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Posted originally: 2010-02-24 23:47:06

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