Announcing the Avengers #1 Project

Calling all reviewers everywhere to something called the Back Issue Project, the Outhouse writing staff takes on every Avengers #1 ever published!

The internet is a useful tool for the comic fan. It has gotten news to us quicker. It has given an outlet to the more antisocial sect of the fandom.

It has given us unprecedented access to the creators. There are databases filled with people’s collections. Breakdowns of creative teams. Galleries upon galleries of covers. For the more frugal collector, it has lowered the cost of back issues. For the new fan, it marks the next leap in the medium as digital comics become a reality.

One thing that has not been done started as a passing fancy from a comic shop manager. Not long after I started writing comics reviews, my brother had what I think is a genius idea. He said “someone should start a site that reviews every comic ever published.” It is something that I have toyed with in the back of my head since he said that.

Now as coordinating editor of the Outhouse, the world’s best comic book forum and fastest growing news and review site, I have a platform to make that happen. It is a monumental undertaking that will literally take years to see completed. That is why the Outhouse is launching The Back Issue Project. This is what we hope will be a unifying project between all the comics review sites and critics surfing the web.

The idea is simple. We will develop and host a database of reviews for every comic ever published. Our staff is working out the bugs on that right now. All you have to do as a critic is provide us links to your comments, slowly we will get a picture of where the holes are and then we can begin to fill them.

It is the kind of thing that will set the Outhouse apart, not only as a leader in the internet coverage of comics, but as a unifying force in the field. It’s time we all embrace our hobby and our niche.

Anyhow, that will be what it is and will work however it works. To show that we are sincere, the writing staff here at the Outhouse will be launching the Back Issue Project with The Avengers #1 Project. With the launch of a new series of the Avengers featuring the classic line up of Thor, Captain America and Iron Man. We thought what better way to celebrate than to let Punchy, Galston, Royal and the rest sink their teeth into every Avengers first issue ever. The project will officially launch on Saturday when I take on that very first Avengers #1 from 1963.

Whether we succeed or fail, in true Outhouser style, we will make a spectacle of ourselves.

This might be our first ever press release, so once we figure out all this about stuff we will put it her!

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Posted originally: 2010-05-27 23:08:08

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