DC declares War

This September, DC are revisiting some of their classic War Titles, with a series of one-shots.

Back in the day, War Comics were a pretty big deal, hell, they were almost as popular as superheroes, but then those freaks in tights really took hold, and major companies stopped producing so many.

But DC are hoping to re-ignite the flames of War with a selection of one-shots this September, which revive the names of several of their classic titles. The books are:

Weird War Tales – Darwyn Cooke and Ivan Brandon
Our Fighting Forces – B. Clay Moore and Chad Hardin
Star-Spangled War Stories – Billy Tucci and Justinanio
G.I. Combat – Matt Sturges and Phil Winslade
Our Army At War – Creative team TBD

Sounds cool huh? Especially the involvement of Darwyn Cooke. It’s good to see the big two experiment with these older genres.



Source: The DCU Source

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