Authority and WildCATS Split Cover

Check out this split cover for The Authority #25 and WildCATS #26 from Howard Porter (The Flash, Doc Savage), Allen Martinez and Wes Hartman.

From the WildStorm Blog:

About The Authority #25: In the aftermath of the twin battles with the Aegean and Mondregon, the team assesses the damages and Hawksmoor is forced to explain the origin of his strange secret weapon. Deathblow is down for the count and Swift is unconscious with no one able to figure out why she can’t be revived. But there’s not much time to lick their wounds or ease over internal tensions as The Carrier appears to finally be approaching its ultimate destination. Who or what they are about to meet could alter the course of the Wildstorm Universe forever.

About WildCATS #26: On a planet torn apart and still recovering from Armageddon, there remain human refugees with desperate needs. One Wildcat sets out to help a single survivor on an errand of mercy, but the results could prove tragic! At the same time, Battalion, Ladytron, Aeon and company confront Pike’s new Wildcore team as Earth’s magical balance continues to weaken, and Grunge discovers exactly what Lynch is up to – and the answer will shock you!

Authority and WildCATS Split Cover

Source: The Bleed
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