Awesome new book alert: Orc Stain

Image announce a new ongoing by Won-Ton Soup’s James Stokoe at Baltimore, it’s about Orcs, it looks awesome, all must buy it.

More news from this Week-end’s Baltimore Comic-Con, and even though the Big 2 have been pretty quiet with the big news (Marvel are announcing Siege on Monday though), we still have some cool stuff to show you. Image Comics have announced Orc Stain, a new ongoing series by James Stokoe, who created Won-Ton Soup for Oni. It’s about an Orc, and it sounds pretty damn cool. CBR have the deets.

"’Orc Stain’ is a fantasy story set on a
constantly war-ridden planet almost entirely overrun by orcs," Stokoe
said of the book’s premise. "It starts off following a spiritually
broken orc who has the ability to find the weak point in any object,
which he can then crack open with his trusty hammer. He has been making
a living looting graves and rolling bodies, but soon gets chased by the
massive armies of the Orc Tsar who needs his special gift to unlock the
organ of a long-dead god."

The criminally inclined orc in question is known as One Eye, but not
because his mother bestowed him with an undesirable name; in fact, the
world’s many orcs are more or less nameless. "The orcs in ‘Orc Stain’
crawl out alone from larvae-like sacs when they are born, so there is
nobody around to name them–only the biggest and baddest of them get a
number after they’re dead, so the protagonist orc goes unnamed," said
the writer-artist. "He’s referred to as One Eye mostly, as fellow orcs
will just sling whatever physical characteristic you have as a
nickname. As the series starts, he’s a morally confused grave looter
who lives on the fringes of orc territory running odd jobs for a local
gang. He’s been burnt out on the constant violence of the orc way of
life and tries to distance himself from it, but at the same time has to
crack some heads open just to scrape by–so he’s kind of a realist who
wishes he didn’t have to be."

One Eye gets an even bigger dose of reality once he finds himself
wanted by the Orc Tsar, who is "basically the embodiment of everything
he’s trying to get away from," Stokoe said. The Orc Tsar’s interest in
One Eye stems from the orc’s ability to crack open anything with one
tap of his trusty hammer–but One Eye himself has no interest in the
Orc Tsar’s plans, causing him to run deeper into the unknown land of
the orc-stained world.

Pretty cool huh? It’s due out in January, and here’s some art for y’all.


Orc Stain Cover

Orc Stain Page 1Orc Stain Page 2
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