Azz and the First Wave

More from the Retailer Summit, as Brian Azzarello discusses his new Pulp-tinged DC mini with Rags Morales, Doc Savage and a Gun-Toting Batman.

At last night’s Diamond Retailer’s Summit, DC and Brian Azzarello finally announced and previewed the writer’s new First Wave prestige mini. Kicking off with a Batman/Doc Savage one-shot in November, the mini will begin in 2010. It’s not your daddy’s Doc Savage, but it may be your great-granddaddy’s Batman!

You see, in the Pulp Fuelled world of First Wave, Batman uses guns. Just like he did in his initial appearances. Azz has this to say:

You can’t change Batman’s
origin, But this is Batman with guns. He was
originally introduced with guns, so we’re picking it up where it
That’s the kind of thing that
bothers somebody like Doc Savage, who operates out in the open. Why are
you hiding who you are if you’re trying to do good? That’s a fair
question. What’s your agenda? If you want to be a crimefighter, why are
you hiding who you are?”

Azzarello also discussed the other Heroes who will be featured in the series, such as The Avenger, The Spirit, the Blackhawks and Black Canary, who will actually be Black.

“Black Canary is actually the
youngest character in this. And she’s also going to be a woman of
color, Being able to recreate some of these
characters in this noir universe is a lot of fun. But I’m very aware of
the fact when these characters were created – in the 1940s – there
weren’t very many characters of color. We can change that.”

Here’s some artwork from Rags Morales:

First Wave
First Wave

Looks good huh? I personally can’t wait for this, the Pulps have had a bit of a comeback lately with Incognito, and seeing classic characters like Batmand and The Spirit mixed up in this stuff will be awesome. Even Rags Morales, who I’m normally not a big fan of, is doing top work here. Head to CBR for more artwork and shit.
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