Big post FOREVER EVIL Changes for JUSTICE LEAGUE books

Changes, we knew they were coming; partly, because shaking up status quo has become the status quo in comics in recent years, but mostly because Geoff Johns has openly stated that changes were coming. That’s usually a good hint.

Well, today some of those changes have been revealed, and they’re doozies! On one hand, Jeff Lemire’s teased JUSTICE LEAGUE CANADA has been redubbed JUSTICE LEAGUE UNITED. Fret not, oh neighbors to the north, JLU will still be based in Canada, but they’ve expanded their scope, patrolling all corners of the DCU, including space. Which makes sense considering Martina Manhunter and Adam Strange will amongst the ranks. DC shared the news with USA TODAY, including the starting roster of Animal Man, Supergirl (non Red Lantern variety, at least on the cover), Martian Manhunter, Star Girl, Green Arrow, and Adam Strange, whose wife, Alanna will play more of the hero role.

“Maybe the swashbuckling space hero we’re used to from Adam Strange would probably describe Alanna a bit more. Adam’s a bit more of a nerdy science guy. He’s not so much the swashbuckling one.”

JUSTICE LEAGUE UNITED will eventually get a new teen member from Ontario area, and will interact with Hawkman and Thannagar in their second arc. The book will be drawn by fan fave Mike McKone.


In even BIGGER news, Geoff Johns told Newsarama that there will be a shake-up to the JUSTICE LEAGUE roster in April. Brace yourselves…post Forever Evil, LEX LUTHOR and CAPTAIN COLD are joining the Justice League! Yup, check out the cover to issue #30, which shows Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Shazam, Lex Luthor and Captain Cold. Absent from the cover are Superman and Flash, presumable over irreconcilable differences.  It’s also interesting to note that there are no Green Lanterns on either team. Hal had left the JL awhile ago, and Guy, now a Red Lantern had the Justice League International dissolve out from under him. Which leaves us wondering where Simon Baz ends up.


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