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2 Comic Book Guys bring their Casting Couch to the front page of InvestComics. Casting Couch Presents…..One Woman, Many Movies…. DO NOT CLICK ahead if you are easily offended. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.



Casting couch returns with a “totally new” perspective. instead of casting one movie, we’re gonna cast a few. and we’re gonna cast the same female for the lead roles in every movie. now, i don’t know if this beautiful flower has any acting experience, but she could take some of her modeling money (hell, someone will finance the classes for some “private” pics, lol) and get some classes. hell, does she need to talk? well, some of the characters she’s gonna portray do have speaking roles, so yeah. let’s get into it, shall we?

Ok, so the woman who is gonna have a lot of work ahead of her is this fantastic specimen i came across on the interweb: her name is Bianca Beauchamp. and get this: she’s Canadian!! finally, you canucks got something right, lol. and i mean you got this one right on the fricking money! i know you see the pic, so let’s get down to casting!








Such a provacative pose, but i’m casting her as felicia hardy. just need a few minor alterations to this already hot outfit. you know, open up the front, get some white fur, dye her hair, and taaaa-daaaa!!!! you have the sexy, sultry white cat!! meow!!




C’mon, this one’s spot on! i would even leave the leggings. the add something to the outfit. i’m telling you, Bianca’s VERY versatile. playing the cousin of Kal-El? yep. that’s right up her alley. let’s just go ahead and get these scripts drafted. don’t forget the Justice League. she’s gonna reprise her role in that movie as well.








I know the colors are reversed, but you could work that into the storyline for the new Vampirella movie!! this outfit is freakin the closest to the artist’s rendition. add a collar, prostetic teeth, some CGI bats, a few “victims” in the background, and this movie’s pretty much waiting for the big budget green light!







Do i really even need to explain this? Bianca’s just looks good in black latex, deal with it. for you latex fetishists out there, you need to lobby to get this movie made. add some gold armbands, open the front once again (god bless comic book creators for being the perverts we all truly are inwardly professionally and get paid to be so, lol), give her some modified pistols, and pewn pewn pewn!! its a solid hit! and she has to have a part in the Avengers and the S.H.I.E.L.D movies as well…………you’re still staring at the pic, aren’t you?






She’s damn near wearing the Batgirl costume already. add a cape, cowl (how sexy is it that you can’t see Batgirls’ face? hmmmmmm (private thoughts!), a utility belt, and some other modified accessories on the gloves and boots, and the Batgirl character could possibly be introduced in the fourth installment of the current Batman franchise (gotta get Robin in there first), with the option of branching off to her own film. DC, hurry up and get this one done!! absolutely amazing……






Hey, i’ve always had a secret crush on the Scarlet Witch. and Bianca in this red latex getup is proof positive that she can without a doubt to pull it off. add the weird red tiara, change the pants to a bikini and keep the boots if they’re knee highs, crop the top, add gloves, and you got yourself an Avengers Movie with another sexy character…….









I’m not saying anything but this: sexiest catwoman since Michelle Pfieffer. sorry, Halle.






Oh yeah, Bianca’s gonna have to play a vampire once again. only this vampire, as sexy as she is, carries weapons and goes by the name Bloodrayne. did i mention she was sexy? cuz Bloodrayne is sexy, in case you didn’t notice. and Bianca playing her? why is my hand raised in the air like i want the teacher to call on me? oh yeah, i’m just putting my vote in!!!






If they ever get the Thundercats movie rollin, i’ve pretty much got Cheetara cast. and as an added bonus, i’m gonna keep the latex she’s got on. its waaaaaaay sexier, right? someone out there agrees with me. gonna have to do some extensive research and find out whether or not this movie’s actually getting produced. last i heard, it was just a rumor. i’m gonna stop typing, you’re not paying attention……






If they ever did a prequel to the Matrix about Trinity, Bianca’s got my vote. her uncanny ability to fit into these latex outfits conjures up some ellicit thoughts. and that’s what its all about, lol! no, this is just a great pic, and i had to put it up and cast her in it. but a prequel to the Matrix wouldn’t be too bad, would it? somebody get the Wachowski brothers on the line!






I would absolutely LOVE to see Bianca play Rachel Leighton, aka Diamondback for two reasons. A: she’s evil, and i haven’t really cast her as a villian with the exception of Catwoman, and 2: diamondback is from Austin, TX. so it relates directly to us here at GCC and 2CBG. Booyah!!!!!!

so there you have it. 11 movies, one person to play them all. one person who is qualified to play them all due to wardrobe tastes. so saddle up, Bianca Beauchamp. looks like you’re gonna be busy for the next couple of years…….

friday, buying a brand new camera, lights, oil and baby powder. what? i’m going fishing, geez!


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