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Please Welcome The Newest Member To The InvestComics Team, Chris Noeth of Bluewater comics, Tales From The Crypt and The JUST Released Web Comic MAYA and much more! Chris Will Be Giving Us A Monthly Article Featuring The Making of His New Web Comic! Then From There, He Will Share More of His awesome Creations.



The Making of Chris Noeth’s MAYA: A HD video series about the creation of the new webcomic.

This is a free monthly HD video series by artist/writer Chris Noeth (Tales From The Crypt) about the creation of his new creator owned science-fiction action webcomic MAYA ( ).






MAYA is my first creator owned comic and I have decided to publish it as a webcomic first to reach as many readers as possible. Of course I want to see this series printed later on. I love books and I don’t believe the future of comics is digital only. The comic’s creation is identical to the creation of a print comic. I am doing these pages in 600dpi and CMYK colors.

So what is MAYA about?
MAYA is the name of the girl, the main character in my story, and the title of the whole series. The comic is about this girl who has… oh… I don’t think I can really give too many details yet. You will have to read it for yourself and I don’t want to spoil anything here.

I’m doing MAYA 100% digital using Adobe Photoshop and a Wacom Intuos4 tablet. 100% means I am doing my layouts, pencils and colors digital without touching a pen or pencil.


Here you can see the first video from the new series. It shows the creation of Dr. Sommer, a female character from the story.


Click the link below the video if you have trouble playing it:


The Making Of Chris Noeth’s MAYA – from Chris Noeth on Vimeo.

I hope you enjoy the process.

Please check out the comic at and if you like it please help spread the word about MAYA!

Thank you! CU soon.


Chris Noeth
Chris Noeth is the art director at Rough Sea Games where he is responsible for the game art production for an upcoming browsergame. He is no stranger to comics and has worked on “Tales From The Crypt” for Papercutz and the first issues of Bluewater’s movie sequel “It Came From Beneath The Sea… Again!” This will be out in 2010. You can contact Chris at

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