Comic Book Legends Unleashed: From Lady Deadpool’s Debut to the First Superman vs. Flash Race

Welcome back to episode twenty-four of InvestComics Key Comic Thursday, where we dish out the scoop on some of the most pivotal (and occasionally hilarious) moments in comic book history. This week, we’ve got a lineup that spans galactic debuts and high-speed heroics.

Death of Inhumans #1 from 2018 introduces Vox. Imagine if Darth Vader and Black Bolt had a voice-off, and you’ve got Vox, a villain who really knows how to make an entrance, and exit, with every whisper. We speed back to 1967 with Superman #199, where the Man of Steel and the Scarlet Speedster decide to settle their differences like true gentlemen: by racing. It’s the first-ever Superman vs. Flash race, because why solve problems with words when you can run around the world? Macross #1 from 1984, where the Robotech saga begins its reign in the comic world. Because every ’80s kid knows you can’t have too many transforming robot jets in your life. Deadpool Merc With A Mouth #7 from 2010, meet Lady Deadpool. She’s like Deadpool, but with better hair and equally questionable decision-making skills. It’s the multiverse making sure everyone gets a slice of the chimichanga. Thor #140 from 1967, where Growing Man makes his grand debut. He’s basically what happens when your action figures come to life and decide to go on a growth spurt – every villain’s dream and every hero’s headache.

There you have it, a whirlwind tour through comic history with races, rebels, and a dash of robotic action. Stay tuned for more unforgettable firsts and quirky tales next Thursday on InvestComics Key Comic Thursday.

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