Marvel’s 85th Anniversary Goes Adorable: Introducing the “We Are Groot” Funko Pop Series!

Mark your calendars for July 1st, 2024, as Funko celebrates Marvel’s 85th anniversary with a uniquely charming twist: the “We Are Groot” collection. Each Funko Pop features the lovable Groot suited up as different iconic Marvel characters. It’s Groot like you’ve never seen him before—embracing the heroic and the extraordinary in full cosplay mode!

A Fusion of Fandoms in One Collection

  • Groot as Wolverine: Experience the blend of Groot’s innocence with Wolverine’s fierce demeanor, complete with adamantium claws and a mini X-Men uniform.
  • Groot as Scarlet Witch: Watch as Groot channels Wanda’s mystic powers, adorned in her signature red green costume and ready to cast a spell.
  • Groot as Loki: Groot takes on a mischievous look, donning Loki’s horned helmet and green cape, embodying the God of Mischief.
  • Groot as Hulk: See the gentle giant transformed into the Incredible Hulk, with a fun-size version of Hulk’s massive build and purple green shorts.
  • Groot as Captain America: Groot holds the iconic shield, wearing a miniature version of Cap’s headgear, representing truth and justice.

Collect Them All!

These Funko Pops are an absolute must for fans of Marvel and Groot alike, offering a playful and endearing take on each superhero. They’re perfect for collectors seeking a fresh and adorable twist to their superhero displays.

Which cosplaying Groot will steal your heart? Whether it’s the rugged charm of Wolverine Groot or the magical allure of Scarlet Witch Groot, this collection promises to be a delightful celebration of Marvel’s storied history. Dive into the excitement and choose your favorite—or better yet, collect them all! Join us in this unique anniversary celebration and let these cute Groots bring some superhero flair to your Funko Pop collection!

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