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1aaa1aahp106101InvestComics hammers its way through another week of Comic Hot Picks. This week, it’s all about Thor, Kung-Fu, Uncanny X-Force…and oh yes Batman, lots of Batman.



This week we’re going to look at a few quick picks then get to the main attraction. The main attraction is a legend and he’ll be coming out with a Batman book. More on that in a minute, first some quick picks…






Brightest Day  from DC comics continues to absolutely burn up the charts. This week we get origin of Aqualad in issue #11. Marvel releases 8 number one issues this week. That’s 8 different number one issues, as in 8 titles. One of which has 8 variant covers. Is it the 90’s again?? Let’s take a look at a few of them. Shadowland: Spider-Man #1 would be the most fun as far as the back issue’s go. This issue will sort of re-introduce us to Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu. The solicit from Marvel states that this issue will set a new path for Shang-Chi. So with that, if you want to get your collector paws on Shang-Chi’s first appearance, you’ll have to look for Special Marvel Edition #15 (1973), brought to you by Steve Englehart and Jim Starlin. Comics Price has this comic listed at the $80 mark. Maybe a bit high for some collectors right now, but karate, and kung-fu comics were a hot item at one time. Will Marvel bring back the coolness again? Two words… Iron Fist.






Chaos War #1 will be a sellout. This comic will be coming from 2 very talented and awesome creators; Greg Pak, and Fred Van Laente. Deadpool fans have a new Max title. Merc with a mouth in a Max book? Deadpool Max #1, yes this will be fun. As the Thor movie draws nearer, the more Thor we seem to be seeing. Ultimate Thor will be debuting in his own title; Ultimate Comics: Thor #1. This comic will see a second print in a few weeks, which brings us to our 8 variant cover comic. Uncanny X-Force #1 will go total 90’s style and have a cover for each one of you brothers, sisters, and cousins, maybe one for the dog too. 8 covers?? Is this really necessary? So if you want to flip at least one of these comics, look for two of these variants, IF you could get your hands on them. Look to buy the Retailers Premiere Edition, which is the rarest of the 8 variants, and then you have the second most scarce out of the bunch and that’s the Marko Djurdjevic (spell that right??) variant. Get these, CGC them, get the 9.9 grade, and bingo you’re in the money.

Now on to our Main Attraction this week, if you’re a horror fan and you know comics, then you know Bernie Wrightson. Simply put, this is THE horror artist of all comic bookdom. Check out Bernie’s web site right here to learn more about him, and see some of his amazing work. One day the comic world needs to see a Bob Heske/Bernie Wrightson Collaboration, now that would be awesome.







Speaking of awesome, a “lost” Batman story drawn by Bernie comes out this week. Batman Treasures #1 will not only give us fans the lost story but a reprint of Swamp Thing #7. Funny DC decided to reprint Swamp Thing #7 from 1973 within this comic, because it also happens to be the first time Bernie actually drew Batman in a comic. Think they did that on purpose? The first Batman art from Bernie cost only $60. That is a beautiful comic to own. No doubt about this one. Now it’s important to know that this isn’t the first time that the horror master has touched the Batman character. The very first time Bernie Wrightson’s name appeared with Batman was actually in the self titled comic, Batman #237 (1971). He wrote this comic, and this is truly his first batman work. Issue #237 also happens to be the first appearance of the Reaper… fitting. This Gem cost only $120. There you have it, two Bernie Wrightson Batman comics you should really own. Actually, add another 4 comics to this list. If you collected comics back in the 80’s you’ll remember a comic named Batman: The Cult. This amazing 4 issue limited series was so hot back in the 80’s that it would have cost you an easy $50 to buy all four issues. Yes the markets were a bit crazy then, in today’s market each issue will cost about $3.50. The creative team on this series consisted of; art by Bernie, inker Jim Starlin, and writer Bill Wray. It was a great miniseries back then; it belongs in your stash today.

Bernie Wrightson’s first professional works are DC’s House of Mystery #179 (1969) $120, and Chamber of Darkness #7 (1970) $40 for Marvel.  These too need to be in your stash today.






Watch InvestComics next week for some cool stuff regarding New York Comic Con. InvestComics will be there!

Until then, see you next week, Invest Wisely. 

Jay Katz


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