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Okay, back from a busy Comic Con in Miami. Wizard World’s first ever in Miami. It was a blast, Wizard did a great job. Looking forward to next year and having another sit down breakfast (over an hour) with Martin Pierro (of Cosmic Times) and Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters, Oz, The Crow, The Hand That Rocks the Cradle). Yes that’s right, a sit down breakfast with Martin! Look for Martin on InvestComics TV very shortly, oh yes and that guy Ernie Hudson will be appearing on InvestComics TV as well in the near future. All kidding aside, Ernie was one of the most humble, down to earth actors I have ever met from Hollywood. It was a fun experience sitting down talking Ghostbusters 3, television, Stallone, Hollywood, and even Kenny Rogers with Ernie. Look forward to hanging with Martin at Orlando’s MegaCon to see who we get to hang with next!

Hot Picks 3-2-11




Marvel goes with a one shot this week, Captain America and Falcon. Falcon is one of those characters you scratch your head saying “How come he’s not as popular as he should be?” Falcon is an awesome underrated hero, and should get his due someday. He’s been around since 1969 as his first appearance was in Captain America #117 from Gene Colon, Joe Sinnott, and Stan Lee. The cover has John Romita Sr. pencils on it! For a comic that cost $116, this is a steal! The Marvel Cosmic’s are unleashed once again with Annihilators #1. Love the Cosmo’s, love the fact as you have heard here at InvestComics countless times, Marvel has YET to truly touch the Cosmic Universe on the big screen, but when they do……don’t say you weren’t ever warned about those back issues! Check out Ronin #1, that may be an interesting read.

DC Green Lantern #63 promises a stunning prologue to the War of the Green Lanterns epic. Look for a quick sell out on that issue!







A few number one issues from the indie’s to check out this week. Axe Cop #1 (Dark Horse), Carbon Copy #1 (Image), Herculian #1 (Image), The Intrepids #1 (Image), and Wulf #1 (Atlas).









Don’t forget to check out this week’s InvestComics TV with Martin Pierro of Cosmic Times!

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