InvestComics Comic Hot Picks 9-22-10

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Silence is golden as the saying goes. This week one the best reads has to be the comic with no words in it. IDW’s G.I. Joe Origins #19 goes silent. No word bubbles, no letterer, just a well told picture story from Larry Hama and Joe Benitez. If you’re a comic book collector you probably know that this isn’t the first time Larry Hama has put a G.I. Joe comic in silent mode. If you haven’t seen the original silent issue from 1984, Marvel’s G.I. Joe #21, you really should get it. It was a great comic to check out back then, and it’s a great comic to check out today. Comics Price Guide lists this comic for only $14. This comic is well worth the 14 bucks, and with a 26 year gap between Hama’s silent issues, it would be nice to have a side by side comparison of the 1984 book and the 2010 book. See how things have changed, probably more violence in 2010 would be a good guess.








The Thor onslaught continues this week. Seems like the closer we get to the movie the more Thor we see, which is fine because Thor is a bad dude, and deserves his time to shine. Thor #615 gets a new super team. Names like Matt Fraction, Pasqual Ferry and Matt Hollingsworth. This creator team is quite impressive; Thor #615 will sell out quickly. Of course this isn’t the first or last time a Thor book will get such talent on board. If you want to check out one of the greatest Thor runs in the history of his title, look no further than Thor #337. You want to talk raw talent? Walt Simonson took Thor from virtual obscurity to heights that blew away the spectator market back in 1983. Thor #337 was Walt’s first Thor book of his amazing run, and was the first appearance of Beta Ray Bill. So with the Thor movie looming, with the possibility of a Beta Ray Bill appearance, and Walt’s redefining of Thor this $8 comic is a steal right now. Just look at that cover will you?! Awesome stuff.
Nemesis #3 hits this week. Each of the last 2 issue’s has sold out, and the team of Millar & McNiven have sold the movie rights to Fox. What more do you need here? Grab the variants, CGC them, sell them after you see the movie trailer. Gauge whether the movie will hit or miss, then decide on to sell before or after the release date.
2 quickies, Boom Studios pushes Mickey Mouse #300 with 2 covers, and independent publisher Gestalt releases a very interesting looking Rombies #0.







Look for a Thor Comic Hot Picks making its way towards you soon.

See you next week, remember Invest Wisely.

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