Comic Milestones Uncovered: From Checkmate’s Debut to Walking Dead’s New Faces

Welcome to Key Comic Thursday; episode 11.
This week on Key Comic Thursday, we’re slicing through the comic archives with the precision of a superhero on a deadline. Buckle up for a tour de force of first appearances that range from strategic masterminds to zombie apocalypse survivors.

Dive into the covert world with Action Comics #598 from 1988, where Checkmate makes chess pieces look like child’s play. Because in the DC Universe, even the game of kings needs its own superhero squad. New Mutants #99 (1991), introducing Shatterstar, what’s a superhero team without an interdimensional warrior who looks like he raided the nearest space armor outlet New Titans #99 (1993), where Arsenal decides it’s his turn to shine. Forget bows and arrows at summer camp; this is how you bring an arsenal to a superhero fight. Rewind to 1978 with Shogun Warriors #1, because if you thought your action figures were cool, imagine them as giant robots fighting evil. It’s every kid’s dream escalated to epic proportions. Walking Dead #2 from 2003, throwing Lori, Carl, and Glenn into the mix. Just when you thought zombies were the biggest threat, enter the drama of survival with the soon-to-be fan favorites.
Tune in next Thursday for more Key Comic Thursday shenanigans, until then, be a good human.

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