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Brian K. Vaughan’s latest book will be hitting today; We Stand on Guard #1 (Image Comics). InvestComics thought what a fantastic time to get a creator list together from this amazingly talented writer!


Cable #43 (1997) Early professional comic work (Marvel). Brian teams with Todd Dezago on writing duties.

Ka-Zar 97 Annual (1997) First solo writing credits.

Wolverine #131 (1998) In Brian’s young comic career, the comic industry was turned upside on its head. A racial slur typo was immediately recalled as this became one of the most prolific error comics in history for all the wrong reasons. Vaughan/Dezago writing credits.

Vertigo Winter’s Edge #3 (2000) Here is Vaughan’s first DC (Vertigo) work. A Swamp Thing story.

Wolverine #131 InvestComics
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Cable #43 InvestComics
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Ka-Zar 97 Annual InvestComics
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The Titans #14 (2000) The first time Brian handles the superhero genre for DC Comics. Writing credits with Devin Kallie Grayson.

Swamp Thing #1 (2000) As series writer, Vaughan actually made the Swamp Thing an interesting deep character. If and when Swamp Thing finally comes to Netflix/network television or film, the producers will probably look right here for reference. The series lasted only 20 issues. A very interesting title for the last issue in this series (Swamp Thing #20); Saga. The title is right on the cover too. So technically, this is the first time the name Vaughan and Saga appear together on a cover. In the grand scheme of things. means absolutely nothing, but pretty cool nonetheless.

Wonder Woman #160 (2000) Brian writes two issues of Wonder Woman. This one and the following issue. Both have Adam Hughes covers.

Superman Annual #12 (2000) When writing the main story in this Superman annual, readers are introduced to Iman, El Muerto, and Acrata. And the Iman character resembles the new bunny robot Batman.

Wonder Woman #160 InvestComics
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Swamp Thing #1 InvestComics
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Batman #588 (2001) The start of a 3 part story line. First Batman book story.

Cyclops #1 (2001) A four part mini-series written by Vaughan. Mark Texeira art, Jimmy Palmiotti inks, and covers.

Y: The Last Man #1 (2002) Critically acclaimed. Here is the series that put Brian K Vaughan on mind of just about every comic fan on the planet. Y: The Last Man was one of the most prolific comic book runs in recent times. An absolute gem of a series. Click HERE to get an Ebay listing of all the issues available. J.G. Jones supplied many of the covers at the beginning of the series.

Mystique #1 (2003) Brian writes the series to issue number 13.

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Mystique #1 InvestComics
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Batman #588 InvestComics
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Runaways #1 (2003) Another great series from Vaughan. Went to issue number 20. This first issue is an expensive get in the aftermarket.

Ex Machina #1 (2004) Here is another huge critically acclaimed series written by Vaughan. Check out the rest of the series run available on Ebay right HERE.

Ultimate X-Men #46 (2004) Brian’s run begins here. He writes up to issue #65.

Doctor Strange The Oath (2006) A five part min-series.

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Ex Machina #1 InvestComics
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Runaways #1 InvestComics
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Ultimate X-Men #46 InvestComics
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Logan (2008) Vaughan writes a Wolverine story. A Marvel Knights 3 issue min-series.

Saga #1 (2012) And yet another critically acclaimed series from Brian. Vaughan and Fiona Staples hit the mark with this Image Comics Series. Vaughan’s latest opus. Click HERE for the total Ebay listing.

We Stand On Guard #1 (2015) Coming out today from Image Comics. Another hit on the horizon….

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Logan #1 InvestComics
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Click on the RED links or comic cover to buy/bid on Ebay. A new window will open, you will not lose your place.

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