Creator Spotlight – Writer Jason Aaron

Jason Aaron is an American comic book writer born on January 28, 1973 in Jasper, Alabama. He is known for his creator-owned series Scalped and Southern Bastards, as well as his work on Marvel series Ghost Rider, Wolverine, PunisherMAX, Thor, and The Avengers. He won an Inkpot Award in 2016.
Aaron’s career in comics began in 2001 when he won a Marvel Comics talent search contest with an eight-page Wolverine story script. The story was published in Wolverine #175 (June 2002), which gave him the opportunity to pitch subsequent ideas to editors. In 2006, Aaron made a blind submission to DC Comics’s imprint Vertigo, which became his first major work, the Vietnam War story The Other Side. The Other Side was nominated for an Eisner Award for Best Miniseries. Following this, Vertigo asked him to pitch other ideas, which led to Scalped, a creator-owned series with artist R. M. Guéra set on the fictional Prairie Rose Indian Reservation.
In 2007, Aaron wrote Ripclaw: Pilot Season for Top Cow Productions. Later that year, Marvel editor Axel Alonso, who was impressed by The Other Side and Scalped, hired Aaron to write issues of Wolverine, Black Panther and eventually, an extended run on Ghost Rider that began in April 2008. In January 2008, he signed an exclusive contract with Marvel, though it would not affect his work on Scalped. In July of that year, he wrote the Penguin issue of Joker’s Asylum.
Aaron wrote the eponymous central miniseries of the Marvel company-wide crossover storyline “The War of the Realms”. He also wrote a year-long run on the Conan the Barbarian series after Marvel regained the licensing rights to the character in 2019.
In addition to his work on Marvel characters, Aaron relaunched Thor with Mike del Mundo and The Avengers with Ed McGuinness in 2018. He co-wrote every issue of Valkyrie: Jane Foster (2019) (first with Ewing and then Torunn Gronbekk). He also continues to write for Avengers.
In 2020, Aaron wrote a piece on the website Tripp Fuller, where he discussed his work on Marvel’s flagship Avengers series and the recently relaunched Conan the Barbarian. He also wrote a piece for Image Comics, where he discussed his work on the critically acclaimed crime series Scalped for Vertigo Comics and the Eisner-nominated Southern Bastards from Image Comics. In 2021, Aaron wrote the Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters miniseries. In 2023, Aaron wrote a five-issue miniseries titled Batman: Off-World for DC Comics. 

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