Marvel Comics Hot Pick Spotlight – Daredevil Black Armor #1

Daredevil: Black Armor #1 – Release date 11-22-23

Marvel Comics is releasing a new limited series called Daredevil: Black Armor. The series is written by D.G. Chichester and illustrated by Netho Diaz and JP Mayer. It is set to be released This Wednesday. The story takes place during Chichester’s landmark ’90s run of Daredevil.
The series follows Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil, as he investigates the disappearance of civilians, heroes, and villains alike into Hell’s Kitchen’s depths underground. To solve the mystery, he will have to push his extraordinary senses and armored suit beyond their limits. Throughout the saga, Daredevil will be pitted against a who’s who of Marvel’s deadliest villains including Hobgoblin, Sabretooth, and more.
The first appearance of the black armor suit was in Daredevil #321 in 1993. The suit was created by Daredevil himself when he decided he needed tougher protection while facing off against the Wild Pack. He ditched his familiar red outfit and replaced it with a black and red suit with armor plating.
If you’re a fan of Daredevil, this new series is definitely worth checking out. It promises nonstop intense action and brutal fighting in extreme 90s’ fashion.











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