David Goyer Writing New Superman Movie (Now WIth More Drama)!

Goyer is being tapped to write the script for the upcoming Superman reboot under the guidance of Chris Nolan.

Brand New Outhouse Poster jesusfish brings the following news to the Outhouse forums:

Latino Review is claiming WB has hired Goyer to write the new movie to be called The Man of Steel.

Their source says no Routh, probably no Singer, and that Goyer’s take harkens back to the John Byrne era.

So assuming this goes anywhere, will we get more of Blade Trinity or more of The Dark Knight?

If Nolan is indeed shepherding this incarnation, does he keep Goyer on the right track?

And surely Goyer’s old writing buddy and new creative chief operating something or other at DC, Geoff Johns, will be involved in some capacity, right?

Thoughts on this latest development?

This story alone would  be news enough, but Rich Johnston at Bleeding Cool reports on some bonus drama from both John Byrne and Mark Millar. When asked whether he had been contacted regarding the movie, Byrne replied:

Of course not!

In the original article, Latino Review’s "trusted source" Pinche Taco trashed Mark Millar:

Conoces como Mark Millar walks around acting like he was going to write
it? El Taco discovered that this was always BULLSHIT. Paul Levitz hated
the guy and he was never even discussed to write it. He made all that
“almost” stuff up.

Millar had this to say in reply to the whole thing:

Awesome for Goyer. He’s a brilliant writer and a mate of mine so feel this could not be in better hands.

But I must stress that the “inside info” on my relationship to the movie is nonsense. I’ve said on record that WB had direct and serious talks with Vaughn and Vaughn was only doing it if we did it together. This didn’t work out and we’re doing something else, but the notion that it’s fiction is insane. I can say on record that Vaughn had meetings with them about our ideas over a year ago.

I can’t stand these massive declarations coming from “unknown sources”. I’ve always liked Latino Review so this is quite uncool.

Stay tuned for details!
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