10 Questions with David King

1aaaDKpicOscar & Sid’s InvestComics World creator David King on 10 for the Pros!





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1. What inspires you?

(DK) I am inspired by the artists that have paved the way for me….such as Bill Watterson, Dick Giordano, and Jim Lee
2. Your Oscar & Sid comic strip, how long have you been doing the strip, and how did the concept come up?
(DK) Oscar & Sid started on Myspace about two years ago. I then restarted it on their own website. I came up with the concept because I didn’t see a lot of strips that were geared at guys.1aaaaoandsid3. 3 words that describe me…..Dedicated Laid Back and hopefully…..Funny
4. My first comic book I ever purchased was……
(DK) Was a Batman book that came with a record. It was Batman vs Manbat, drawn by Neal Adams and inked by Dick Giordano
5. The last movie I saw that made me laugh out loud was…..
(DK) I just saw Toy Story 3 this weekend and laughed quite a bit…but then again, it is Pixar!
6. Okay now that I’m laughing, my favorite comedian is……
(DK) I love Brian Regan!!1aaaoasPIC
7. The comic book I want to see adapted to the big screen is……
(DK) I think Danger Girl would make a fantastic movie!
8. My first published work was……
(DK) Way back in 1994 I inked a pin up that was published in a book called Southern Blood!
9. The best advice I could offer about life is……
(DK) Be nice to everyone, you never know who’s gonna be your boss someday!!
10. Where could we see and or buy some of your work?
(DK) There is a brand new strip daily at www.oscarandsid.comBonus Time!InvestComics lives by this motto: ‘I might know the secret to success, but I know the secret to failure is trying to please everyone.” What motto do you live by?

(DK) The true measure of a man is how he treats those who have nothing to offer him.

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