DC 75 Variant: George Perez on JSA #41

In celebration of DC Comics’ 75th anniversary, comics legend George Perez pays tribute to Frank Harry’s cover to All Star Comics #16!

From the DCU Blog:

Frank Harry’s cover to ALL STAR COMICS #16 puts the spotlight squarely on some of the key characters of the early DCU – specifically, the Justice Society of America. The first band of masked men tasked with keeping the world safe. And wow, does that cover have a lot of characters on it, huh?

Well, in addition to being a master storyteller, supreme talent and all-around gentleman, Mr. George Perez knows a thing or two about handling covers with a ton of characters on them – and finds a way to make them look cool.

DC 75 Variant: George Perez on JSA #41

Frank Harry on All Star Comics #16

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