DC 75 Variant: Walt Simonson on Detective Comics #866

The legendary Walt Simonson reinterprets Jerry Robinson’s Detective Comics #69 to celebrate DC Comics’ 75th anniversary!

From the DCU Blog:

As far as iconic covers featuring the Clown Prince of Crime go, few can compare with Jerry Robinson’s DETECTIVE COMICS #69 cover, with a looming Joker hovering over the Dynamic Duo.

It’s near-impossible to top a master like Robinson, but artist Walt Simonson is a legend in his own right. His reinterpretation of the cover — which will serve as the variant to DETECTIVE COMICS #866 — brings out the kinetic and dynamic composition that has become a staple of his work.

DC 75 Variant: Walt Simonson on Detective Comics #866

Jerry Robison on Detective Comics #69

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