10 Questions with Eric Canete






Eric Canete’s New Avengers: Luke Cage #1 comes out this week and he stops by for the rapid fire 10 For The Pros!
10 For The Pros 

Eric Canete – Artist/Inker 

ericcanetephoto2.gifEric is an illustrator and a designer working in the animation and comic book industry. Some of his past projects include (in animation) Aeon Flux, Men In Black, Dark Fury, The Batman, Justice League Unlimited, Ben 10 and (in comic books) Cybernary 2.0, Iron Man: Enter Mandarin, Comic Book tattoo, The End League, The Amazing Spider-Man, Web of Spider-Man, and Wednesday comics. He’s currently working at WB animation doing story boards and the new Luke Cage book for Marvel coming out this week.

ec3.gif1. What comic (character) would you love to have total creativity control over? And why?

(EC) Aquaman or Thor. I like telling big, epic stories and I think I can do a pretty decent job with those two characters. 

2. If you could have 1 superpower, what would it be?

(EC) Death touch. 

ec4.gif3. Do you have a routine that you follow before or during work?

(EC) Before work I run for about 3-4 miles.


4. Who is your favorite creator to work with?

(EC) I’ve had a decent relationship with writer Joe Casey. 

5. In your opinion, do you feel that the movie industry is doing a good job with the Comic Book movies?

(EC) Yes. Hollywood has a tendency to…..uhm….Hollywood-ize everything, so I’m not too disappointed.

ec2.gif6. What comic book hero/villain do you want to see on screen?
(EC) More Rocketeer!

7. “If I wasn’t in the comic book industry, I would be working…………”?

(EC) As an art teacher at a local highschool.

8. What advice could you give a creator trying to break into the industry?
(EC) Grow tougher skin, always take a shower.


ericcanete10for1.gif9. “My best Investment in life was…….”

(EC) Buying obscene amounts of peanut butter and Nutella.

10. Have anything you’d like to plug?

(EC) Avengers: Luke Cage comes out from Marvel. This week, April 7th!!


Bonus Questions!
Who were your influences breaking into the Industry?
(EC) The Beatles, Flash Gordon, and Jim Lee.

Digital or Paper?

(EC) Paper. Digital is death.





Thank you Eric! Check out New Avengers: Luke Cage #1 out this week! 






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