Felicia Day Talks Dr. Horrible Sequel

The actress who played NPH’s love interest in the Joss Whedon web-musical speaks about the upcoming sequel.

Day recently spoke to MTV News about the sequel to the cult hit Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. Will she play a role in the sequel, despite her character’s death in the original?

"I can’t spoil anything, because I don’t know much more than Nathan or anyone else. I’ve heard there’s a title. That’s about it. The last time I talked to Joss was when I was on the last episodes of ‘Dollhouse.’ We were talking and he said it was a priority for him to get ‘Dr. Horrible’ off the ground — especially since ‘Dollhouse’ took up a lot of their time."

She would like to be involved though, in any capacity:

"I just think Joss doing ‘Dr. Horrible’ really legitimized web video in a way that nobody else could. That he could take this awesome thing directly to fans and have them support it — I want him to do more of it. I’ll do anything I can do to help."

"The Evil League of Evil is so interesting. I feel like there are so many antagonists and protagonists that you could play with. If you look at that last final shot, there are so many crazy characters there — like Dead Bowie…"

No word yet on a planned release date for Dr. Horrible 2.

Source: MTV News
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Posted originally: 2010-03-31 13:56:06

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