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First Impression Comics & Pressing Announces O’Barr Exclusive Signing

First Impression Comics & Pressing is offering comic fans the opportunity to obtain an autograph or a sketch by James O’Barr the legendary creator of The Crow.
“We’re excited to announce the launch of our Fall CGC Signature Series opportunities. This is exclusive access to James O’Barr at a time when conventions are cancelled and many autograph opportunities are limited due to COVID-19. This signing opportunity will include both remarks and sketch opportunities with additional signings to be announced in the future,” said Kyle Vargas of First Impression Comics & Pressing.
The Crow was published in 1989 by Caliber Press and has gone on to sell more than 750,000 copies worldwide. In 1994, The Crow was adapted into a movie which starred actor Brandon Lee. The film went on to spawn three sequels and a television series and has become a worldwide success.
The James O’Barr signing is brought to you by Constar.

Raw signature – $45

Funko Pop – $60 (Must have complete pop)
Comic Cover – $80 (Pricing Includes signature)
Sketch Covers or 9×11 Art board:
B&W Sketch Cover –  Head – $150
B&W Sketch Cover – Torso – $175
B&W Sketch Cover – Full Body – $275
Water Color  – $425

CGC Signature Series certification add the following:
$45 for CGC Signature Series for comics.
$30 for CGC Signature Series for 9×11 sketch.
*Standard and Express Tiers are available for an additional fee

1976 or Newer – $12
1975 or Older – $15
Prepping/Cracking Slabs – $5 per book

Shipping Charges:
Slabbed Books –  $14 for the first book, $2 each additional book. Books will be shipped from the grading company directly to the customer. (UPS/FEDEX)
USPS shipping is an additional cost.
No combined shipping available with any other private signing events.

Raw Books – charges are exact cost for shipping books
International shipping is the exact cost for raw or graded.
Book(s) and payment(s) need to be in hand by no later than October 30, 2020.

Submissions must include NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER, and EMAIL ADDRESS on the back of each book. All books submitted must be prepped for signatures.

For details on how to prep your books here is a video.

Ship your comics for the signing or for more information contact:

First Impression Comics and Pressing
Attention: James O’Barr Signing
9013 Redcastle Drive
Tinley Park, Illinois 60487

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