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Here are this week’s top Trending Comics, Best Cover Art, and Trending Collectibles headed your way this Wednesday 9-23-20

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Suicide Squad #9 – This issue, as said by DC Comics themselves, is the death of Deadshot. So sorry to see ya go. A mere 43 years old too. Born (first modern-day appearance) in Detective Comics #474 in 1977. A 9.8 CGC is sitting at a buy it now price of $495 with 15 watchers. A bargain compared to today’s speculation standards. Given that a variant Knull cover can sell for double this amount. We’ll take one of these over a 1st Knull any day. But long live Deadshot! We’ll see you in a mini-series soon on your comeback trail…..when you come back to life somehow.  
The Flash #762 – Speaking of death, Reverse Flash looks to be in some seriously bad shape on this spectacular Howard Porter cover. Writer Joshua Williamson wraps up his 101st consecutive story of Flash in his final issue. He promises to have The Flash end the Reverse Flash in a permanent way once and for all. If this cover is any indication, it’s going to be brutal. We’ll be in line for this one.  
Venom #28 – Writer Donny Cates continues his speculation romp with Thor and the Venom series. Not by his own omission, he’s just writing stories that speculators seem to have an affection for and are ramping up more than necessary within the aftermarket. The savagery continues this week with the latest Venom offering, watch as speculators (video bloggers/websites) find any reason to ask for more than cover price, and deem this comic hot for no apparent reason.   
Dark Nights Death Metal Speed Metal #1 – DC’s “Metal” era seems to have taken on a whole life of its own these days. Week after week another Metal number one issue. Speculators await another Robin King moment (not). Boy was that a dud for the aftermarket. So, the YouTubers and website await to pounce on the next big thing to cash in on. InvestComics can offer one bit of advice here, buy at cover price, pump the breaks on those ultra-expensive variants. Many have bit the bullet with the 1st appearance Robin King hype, have gone on the red on those issues. Be wise, there is another agenda at work out there guys/gals. Be aware, smart, vigilant.  
Juggernaut #1 – Back in the day the Juggernaut was a fat blob with not that much appeal. Over the years, he’s hit the weight room, made some gains, and has become an aesthetically viable appealing villain these days. Now the co-creator of Deadpool, Fabian Nicieza, will write an even newer beginning for everyone’s favorite in shape villain. Is he a villain though? Fabian is probably gearing the Juggernaut’s new direction here to appeal to both the villain and the hero side of things. The amazing artistry from Ron Garney makes this comic series even more appealing. Definitely one to pick up and check out this Wednesday.    

Juggernaut #1
Suicide Squad #9
Venom #28
Flash #762
Speed Metal #1

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Fantastic Four Antithesis #2 – Legendary artist Neal Adams continues his first-ever Fantastic Four story. Mark Waid writes.  
X Of Swords Creation #1 – A couple of years ago writer Jonathan Hickman began on a journey that saw him completely overhaul the entire X line. He continues with a new epic storyline this week. 
Thor #6 – (2nd print) – The speculation market is so upside down these days, that InvestComics had to come back out of hiatus for two years to straighten things out. One of the many issues taking over the aftermarket is the thirst for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, or whatever printings and calling them “rare” or “first cover appearance” or are just visually stimulating. The wasteful spending is beyond compare. The hype is beyond anything this collectors market has ever seen. Please be aware of what is going on within the aftermarket. There is a bigger picture at play here. This week’s second print hype cover depicts Thanos’ possession of Mjolnir, the first time ever wielding it.         
Action Comics #1025 – The Superman Family is about to kick some ass. 
Canto II The Hollow Men #2 – IDW’s hit series (character) continues. Writer David M. Booher and artist Drew Zucker. 

Canto II #2
Antithesis #2
Thor #6 2nd print
X Of Swords #1
Action Comics #1025

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The Immortal She-Hulk #1 – It’s no secret, The Immortal Hulk is (was) a huge hit. Now writer Al Ewing writes a one-shot here, giving the Immortal treatment for the She-Hulk. Will this work? Will there be a demand for more? This feeler story will answer those questions, but until then, the first appearance of the Immortal She-Hulk folks. 
Hotline Miami Wildlife #1 (of 8) – From the indie publisher, Behemoth Comics. Based on a popular video game. Creators; Frederico Chemello, Alberto Massaggia, and Maurizio Furini. 
Maestro #2 – Issue two from Peter David, Dale Keown, and German Peralta. 
An Unkindness Of Ravens #1 – New series from Boom Studios. Writer Dan Panosian and artist Marianna Ignazzi.
Brooklyn Gladiator #1 – A comic with my hometown name in the title? Yo, how ya doin’? From Heavy Metal, creators Dan Fogler, Andrew Harrison, and artist Simon Bisley. Fugetaboutit!
Autumnal #1 – From Vault Comics. Writer Daniel Kraus and artist Chris Shehan.

Maestro #2
Hotline Miami #1
….Ravens #1
Autumal #1

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Trending Collectibles

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Marvel Deadpool Legends 2020 6-Inch Action Figure – Shiklah Hasbro
Marvel Deadpool Legends 2020 6-Inch Action Figure – Sunspot Hasbro
Marvel Deadpool Legends 2020 6-Inch Action Figure – Warpath Hasbro

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DC Multiverse Collector Wave 2 Azrael (Batman Curse Of The White Knight) 7-Inch Scale Action Figure McFarlane Toys
Women Of Dynamite Vampirella By Jose Gonzalez Statue Dynamite Entertainment
Marvel Comic Gallery Agent Venom PVC Statue Diamond Select
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Star Wars The Mandalorian Bounties Collection The Child Hold Me & Holding The Ball 2-Pack Figure Case Hasbro

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