Francis Manapul’s Flash art!

We finally get to see the artist’s take on Barry Allen, in the cover for Flash: Secret Files and Origins, coming in March.

We all know that Geoff Johns and Francis Manapul are the dudes launching the new Barry Allen Flash ongoing (with a Wally back up by Johns and Scott Kolins), but it’s been pretty hard to report on the story because we haven’t had any art, sure we’ve had Manapul sketches of The Flash, but as was helpfully pointed out by the lovely Outhouse posters ‘That’s Wally you moron!’. But now I am not a moron! Because the DCU source have put the first piece of official Manapul Barry art up online, it’s the cover to March 2010’s Flash: Secret Files & Origins, which will set us all up for the new series to debut (I assume) the following month. It’s the exact same set up as when Johns relaunched Green Lantern really.

Here’s the cover:


Here’s what Manapul says:

“I’m excited to be starting the book. The entire creative team is
looking forward to introducing new ways of portraying speed. It’s also
cool that we’ll be introducing a new generation to Barry Allen as well
as myself so I’ll be right in they’re shoes of getting to know this
guy. It should be an exciting ride!”

I’m looking forward to this one, Manapul is probably the best artist DC have at the moment.

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