Free Arkham Asylum Downloadable Content Tomorrow!

Producers WBIE, Eidos and Rocksteady will release free downloadable content to all owners of the hit comic book video game on September 17th. Details here!

Batman: Arkham Asylum has proven to be a surprisingly excellent game, getting favorable reviews from fans everywhere. And now, it may get just a little bit better, as new downloadable content, available tomorrow, has been revealed.

All owners of Arkham Asylum will be able to download two free challenge maps tomorrow. The first one, "Totally Insane," is a freeflow fighting challenge map, and features the insane inmates that appear towards the end of the game. The second, "Nocturnal Hunter," is an outdoor invisible predator map that allows Batman to practice his stealth, gadgets, and takedown skills against an army of the Joker’s goons from atop the Arkham Watchtowers.

It is unknown whether these maps will affect achievements.



Batman Arkham Asylum Downloadable Content

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Posted originally: 2009-09-16 16:16:33

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