From Ahsoka to Kid Venom: A Look at This Week’s Stunning Comic Covers

Get ready for another epic showdown on the shelves with this week’s InvestComics Best New Comic Covers, where the covers are almost as dramatic as the stories inside!

First, we’re blasting into the future with Absolute Power Task Force VII #1, where Dan Mora gives us a glimpse of Superman like you’ve never seen him—sleek, shiny, and probably WiFi-enabled. Meanwhile, on the alternate cover, Pete Woods pits a new Superman robot (because why not make Superman a robot?) against Shazam and Ms. Marvel. Talk about a shocking family reunion! Star Wars Ahsoka #1 by Aka has Ahsoka looking all kinds of fierce. She’s not just ready to do some damage; she’s looking like she could single-handedly take on the Empire… and win. Diving into the gritty streets of Hell’s Kitchen, Daredevil #11 offers not one, but two covers. John Romita Jr. shows Bullseye with a face that screams ‘I’ve had better days.’ Then, Scott Williams throws down a homage (Daredevil #181 – Death of Elektra) to Frank Miller that’s so spot-on, it’s like traveling back in time. This special cover is also waving the flag for the “Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe” variant series—because Deadpool isn’t busy enough, apparently. And if that’s not enough to keep your adrenal glands working, Kid Venom #1 by Inhyuk Lee brings the darker, edgier side of youth with Kid Venom decked out in black and blue, looking like he’s ready to start trouble in preschool.

Each of these covers is a mini-masterpiece, showcasing our favorite heroes (and villains) in lights you’ve definitely not seen at the local cinema. So, grab your popcorn—or better yet, just grab these comics!

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