Star Wars Inquisitors Debuts, Erik Larsen’s Savage Dragon, and More

Dive into this week’s fascinating lineup of new comic releases, each promising unique adventures and pivotal moments that are bound to excite fans and collectors alike. Get ready for journeys across dystopian futures, deep space, and the dark corners of the Empire.

Top 5 New Comics arriving this Wednesday 7-3-24

Star Wars Inquisitors #1 offers a gripping look into the lives of the Empire’s most feared enforcers. This issue not only dives deep into their dark mission following Order 66 but also marks the first full appearance of Tensu Ren, adding a layer of intrigue for Star Wars enthusiasts and collectors. Annihilation 2099 #1 launches us into a galaxy reeling from the fall of the Nova Corps. Follow the Last Nova, a survivor burdened with the legacy of an entire cosmic police force, as he navigates a universe filled with new dangers. This issue is a must-read for those who love epic space adventures with a dark twist. And a must-collect for the first appearance of the Nova 2099. Savage Dragon #271 takes an unexpected turn as Mickey Mouse goes rogue in what’s touted as the most outrageous storyline yet. If the sound of Mickey Mouse in a “bonkers state” piques your interest, catching up with Savage Dragon #268 through #270 is essential. Erik Larsen’s bold storytelling continues to push boundaries, making these issues must-haves for both humor and shock value. Spider-Man Reign 2 #1 revisits the dystopian world where an older, grizzled Peter Parker faces new trials. Kaare Andrews weaves this complex tale, reintroducing fans to a worn but unbowed Spider-Man and a mysterious Black Cat. This series is perfect for those who enjoyed the first Spider-Reign saga and are eager for more of this darker Spider-Man universe. Life Of Wolverine #1 embarks on a journey to unravel the true, continuous timeline of one of Marvel’s most beloved characters. Written by the legendary Chris Claremont, this series is set to reveal the untold details of Wolverine’s eventful past, promising revelations and deep insights into his complex life.

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