From Power Rangers to Invincible: Unveiling Key Comic Debuts This Thursday

Welcome to another edition of Key Comic Thursday, episode 12.

First up, we’ve catapulted back to 1994 with Saban’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1. It’s morphin’ time, in comic form, for the very first time. Because who doesn’t want their martial arts with a side of spandex? Over to Invincible #44 from 2007, where Anissa makes her grand entrance. Fast forward, and she’s breaking into the Amazon Prime scene like it’s no big deal. Just your typical day-saving, world-changing superhero debut. Rewind to 1965 with Strange Tales #135, marking the first appearance of SHIELD. Ditko and Kirby decided that superheroes needed a bit more bureaucracy in their lives. Enter spies, suits, and Nick Fury’s eye patch. Superman Son of Kal-El #2 from 2021, introducing The Truth. Not just a concept, but a character aiming to redefine heroics in the modern age. What’s a superhero without a little social commentary? We delve into 1983 with Badger #1, where a character so unique, only the ’80 could’ve birthed him steps into the scene. A martial arts master with multiple personalities? Only in comics, folks.
So there you have it a whirlwind tour of first appearances and monumental moments. From Power Rangers to prime-time heroes, and spies to societal truths, it’s just another Key Comic Thursday. Stay tuned for more tales of firsts and fan favorites next week. Until then, be a good human.

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