Top 3 New Comics This Week 4-3-24

New releases expected this week on 4/3/24.
Deadpool #1, what’s a new comic book day without the Merc with a Mouth and, you guessed it, a small village’s worth of variant covers. Among them, a Wolverine variant that screams “this might sting a bit.” Enter Death Grip, a brand-spanking-new villain with “death” in his name, because creativity knows no bounds in the Marvel Universe. And for those playing Deadpool bingo at home, yes, there’s a Rob Liefeld variant in the mix because some traditions just refuse to die. We slink over to Venom #32, which introduces yet another character to the ever-expanding symbiote saga. At this point, the Venom family tree is more tangled than last year’s Christmas lights. It’s a full-time job keeping track of who’s who in the symbiote world, and frankly, we might need to start issuing name tags at this rate. Rook: Exodus #1 from Image Comics takes us on a sci-fi adventure with Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok at the helm. This series promises an epic new universe, because the comic book landscape was clearly lacking in sci-fi epics. The first appearance cover featuring the whole cast is a must-have, serving as a handy visual guide for “Who on Earth is that?” moments.
So, as you gear up for this week’s comic haul, remember: the only thing more inevitable than death and taxes in the comic book world is another variant cover.
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