Galactic Spideys & Historic Firsts: This Week’s Unmissable Comic Book Releases

This week’s Top 4 comic book releases are set to release on 4/10/24.

Edge Of Spider-Verse #3 introduces Star-Spider, apparently, the only place left for a new Spider-Person was outer space. Creators, Steve Foxe, Justina Ireland, and Pete Woods must’ve looked at Earth and thought, “Nah, let’s take this party galactic.” Brace yourselves for a Spidey that’s out of this world—literally. Rat City #1, stepping into the grimy alleyways of the Spawn universe. First appearance of Peter Cairn, your not-so-average future Spawn of 2111, and witness Erica Schultz making history as the first female writer to tackle a Spawn story. It’s about time, or should we say, about future? Sinister Sons #3 gives us Spaceman Joe. In the ever-expanding roster of characters named Joe, why not launch one into space? It’s as if the folks behind this were brainstorming and thought, “You know what we need? Another Joe. But make it cosmic. Ultimate X-Men #2 sees Peach Momoko continuing her stylish siege on the Ultimate X-Men universe. Expect more first appearances as Momoko redefines what it means to be “ultimate.” Hopefully, it involves less space Joes and more groundbreaking storytelling.

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