This Week’s Must-Read Comics: Star-Spider Debuts and a Historic Spawn Release

This week, the comic book world decides to sprinkle a little bit of everything into the potluck of new releases, and let me tell you, the menu is looking as eclectic as a superhero costume party. Let’s dive into the InvestComics Hot Picks ……

Edge Of Spider-Verse #3 swings in with Star-Spider, making a stellar entrance as the first “space” Spidey. You know, the Spider-Verse was clearly running out of real estate on Earth, onward and upward. Steve Foxe, Justina Ireland, and Pete Woods are the trio behind this cosmic leap, promising to shoot this Spidey’s star straight into the speculative stratosphere. Rat City #1 decides to break ground in the Spawn universe. Introducing Peter Cairn, aka the future Spawn of 2111, this issue is also penning history with writer Erica Schultz at the helm—the first female writer to ever grace A Spawn saga. Took them until 2111 to figure that out, but hey, who’s counting? Sinister Sons #3 introduces Spaceman Joe, because clearly, the comic world needed another Joe, and why not make him a spaceman? Peach Momoko, in Ultimate X-Men #2, continues her artistic takeover of the Ultimate X-Men universe, dishing out more first appearances. Momoko’s vision promises to redefine “ultimate” in every sense of the word.

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In a galaxy far, far away, Star Wars Thrawn Alliances #4 concludes its mini-series run, because all good things must come to an end, even in the Empire. Action Comics #1064 opens the gates to the “House Of Brainiac (Part 1).” Joshua Williamson and Rafael Sandoval are setting the stage for what’s likely to be a Brainiac bonanza. Who doesn’t love a house party with a super-intelligent villain? Image Comics brings us St. Mercy: God Land #1, marking the beginning of a mini-series that sounds as holy as it does intriguing. Over at Boom Studios, Uncanny Valley #1 dives deep with Tony Fleecs and Dave Wachter, because uncanny valleys are exactly where you’d want to spend your comic book time. Hercules #1 from Disney/Dynamite Entertainment makes its debut, proving that even demi-gods need a fresh start in the comic book world.
This week’s hot picks are like a comic book salad, tossed with a bit of everything, from space spiders to future Spawns, brainy houses to divine valleys. Whether you’re in it for the speculation or just here for the stories, there’s something for everyone. Just remember, in the world of comics, the only constant is change (and the occasional space arachnid).












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