GlobWorld comes to Action Lab!

On October 13th, Action Lab Entertainment is extremely proud to join forces with the children’s 3D social media sensation GlobWorld to produce the first children’s comic book adaptation of their fantastic universe.

In issue one, writer Kevin Freeman (Subculture) and artist Jason Strutz introduce you to Shirley Blooey, the hide and seek champion of GlobWorld; and she’s challenging everyone to a game of hide and seek.  All of GlobWorld is in-bounds, but as the game unfolds a Glob winds up missing, and the real hunt begins! The issue also features a backup story by Jeremy Whitley (Princeless) and Andrew Charipar.  October 13th also sees the release of a special 16-page zero issue from writer Jeremy Whitley and artist Andrew Charipar.  And best of all, issue zero is absolutely FREE! You’ll be able to check these books on Graphicly and other digital vendors.

GlobWorld is a digital-exclusive children’s comic book mini-series based off the online community designed and created for kids, which has been described as “Safe, wacky, fun, educational, and free– everything a kid’s first online community should be!” But above all else, the Globs encourage kids to treasure their own individuality and to appreciate the diversity in others.

Concurrent issues will be released in the following months.


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