10 Questions with Gregg Schigiel

1aaGREGGSCHPICGregg Schigiel of X-Babies stops by InvestComics.



(Bio taken from stickmangraphics.com)

Gregg Schigiel, originally from South Florida, knew he wanted to be a cartoonist when he was 11 years old. Since then he’s worked on projects featuring Batman, Spider-Man, SpongeBob SquarePants and just about everything in between. See and learn more at www.hatterentertainment.com. 

Welcome to 10 for the Pros Mr. Schigiel!


10 for the Pros 

Gregg Schigiel – Writer/Penciler/Inker/Colorist/Editor


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1aaGS11. What comic (character) would you love to have total creativity control over?  And why?

(GS) Power Pack; I believe that children are our future.

2. If you could have 1 superpower, what would it be?

(GS) Teleportation.

3. Do you have a routine that you follow before or during work?

(GS) No.











4. Who is your favorite creator to work with?

(GS) Chris Giarrusso.

1aags65. In your opinion, do you feel that the movie industry is doing a good job with the Comic Book movies?

(GS) Sure. 

6. What comic book hero/villain do you want to see on screen?

(GS) Captain Carrot & his amazing Zoo Crew.

7. “If I wasn’t in the comic book industry, I would be working….”?

(GS) As a food critic.


 8. What advice could you give a creator trying to break into the industry?

(GS) It helps to know people.

9. “My Best investment in life was……”

(GS) I put money in an I.R.A., does that count?

10. Have anything you’d like to plug?

(GS) X-Babies Trade later this year, hatterentertainment.com.






Bonus Questions!

Who were your influences breaking into the Industry?

(GS) John Buscema, Alan Davis, Mike Wieringo, Disney Animation.

Digital or Paper?

(GS) Both.





































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