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Two first appearance alerts within Marvel’s Heroes Reborn campaign. The first of the two will be either a big hit or a huge dud. The first appearance of Nightbird A.K.A. Night-Gwen in Heroes Reborn Night-Gwen #1. Why does the new character have two names? Very strange. From our gauging from the collector/spec side, this isn’t really hitting a nerve in the “hot comic” community. That’s not to say this newbie will not be a good character, but it’s just not creating a buzz the way one may expect. Maybe down the line, the character will branch out more and the interest will generate then? That’s why as a speculator, you always may want to have at least one bullet.  The other first appearance within Marvel’s Heroes Reborn is a team-first in Heroes Reborn Squadron Savage #1. The Squadron Savage team is lead by Elektra and consists of the Punisher, Crossbones, Cloak, and Murder Hornet. The debut comic also features the first appearance of a villain team named, Redeemers.  
Heroes Reborn #6 – Are ALL the artist at Marvel/Disney punking DC Comics? It’s so blatantly obvious at this point. Just look at the Frank Cho variant below. That is a Marvel comic. It’s like this across the board regarding the cover for these comics. All of the artists are drawing Wonder Woman on a Marvel comic. How is this not being litigated on People’s Court yet?     
Web Of Spider-Man #1 – A first appearance alert. The first teenage school for superhero scientists. Worldwide Engineering Brigade begins! What could possibly go wrong? Thanks all to Tony Stark for creating the school. There will probably be lots of mishaps and creating going on at this new school. Look for many first appearances as this series trugs along. Whether a super cool new device, a change in costume, powers, new heroes, villains, etc. It could all happen at this new school. Expect a spin-off series from THIS series regarding Tony’s new school. So, yes, this is an important first appearance alert comic given that Marvel will probably run with the Stark school thing. Xavier, Strange Academy, and now Stark’s school. This will definitely be a comic to watch.    

Night-Gwen #1
Web of Spider-man #1
Squadron Savage #1
Heroes Reborn #6

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White #1 – Black Mask’s sequel to the mega-successful Black comic series. The same creative team on this comic. Writer Kwanza Osajyefo and artist Jamal Igle. Cover art from Khary Randolph. 
The Joker #4 – To our regular readers, we apologize for repeating ourselves, but there are new readers here all the time. Each new issue of The Joker series has been featured here. It’s been 40 years since the Joker flew on his own, in his own series. Why it took DC Comics this long to figure out the comic book masses were missing something, something big is a mystery. Having the Joker in his own series is the equivalent of having Thanos in his own solo series over at Marvel. It just makes sense both creatively and financially. There have been tons of Thanos mini’s, but never a solo/monthly comic series dedicated to the mad titan. DC Comics is doing their thing with the Joker now and readers/collectors should get in on the ground floor.
Iron Man #9 – The origin of Korvac. 

X-Men #21 – First appearance alert, The heroes of Krakoa. Writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Russell Dauterman.  
Ant #12 – Back in the early to mid 2000’s the Ant debuted. It was a super hot character back then. The rights to the character went to Erik Larsen many years ago. He didn’t do anything with the character for years and years. That all changes this Wednesday. Picking up 14 years after Ant #11 released is Ant #12.  Writer/artist – Erik Larsen.

Ant #12
Iron Man #9
The Joker #4
White #1
X-Men #21

DC Pride #1 – First appearance alert; Dreamer. Dreamer is from CW’s Supergirl show. So, a first comic appearance of an already known character from television. 
Bunny Mask #1 – A new horror series from AfterShock comics. Writer Paul Tobin and artist Andrea Mutti.
Freak Snow #1 – New series from Behemoth Entertainment. It’s all sold out already. 
DIE!Namite Lives! #1 – See Evil Sonja and an amazing Gracie the Cosplay Lass Cosplay variant cover. 
Archie 80th Anniversary Everything Archie #1 – New Archie content from writer Fred Van Lente and artist Dan Parent.

DC Pride #1
Bunny Mask #1
DIE!Namite Lives! #1
Freak Snow #1
Everything’s Archie #1

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